10 Reasons Moms Love NBC’s “Parenthood”

Ahhh, Parenthood, I want to do bad, bad things to you…

If you talk to many of your mom friends, you’ll likely find that you have a common TV obsession in NBC’s Parenthood. I know I do. We all regularly clear out our tear ducts by watching the show, and I know that I have never once made it through an entire episode without bawling. I even tried to do a workout while watching it once, and quickly realized that sit-ups while ugly crying are very counterintuitive.


Each week, I talk to my friends and my mother and rehash what went down with the perfectly flawed members of the Braverman family. Oh, how we love them so, and I’m fairly convinced that if they ever try to take this show away from me, I would hobble the writers a la Kathy Bates in Misery. Keep writing, folks. Just keep writing.

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 Below, I’ve shared 10 reasons why we all (or most of us!) love NBC’s Parenthood:

  1. Unlike some of the painful comedies that have tried to portray the modern family these days (not you, Modern Family!), this drama is real to us. The problems are things we’ve almost all dealt with at one point or another, and these people suffer through their attempts at solutions just like the rest of us.
  2. The dinner parties –– come on, you know you’ve thought to yourself at one point or another, “How do I get invited to a Braverman dinner?” Under the twinkling lights at that big table on the gorgeous patio, chaos abounds, and we love every minute of it. Of course, Zeek and Camille have now sold the house (sniff), so we’ll see what happens next. Chances are, we’ll still want to go to dinner.
  3. Ever seen a magazine with that section that says, “Stars: They’re Just Like Us!” and thought to yourself, “They are NOTHING like us.” The Bravermans, on the other hand, are us. They’re normal people in every way. They’re moderately successful and good-looking but not overly so. WE ARE THE BRAVERMANS.
  4. It’s almost always “on the bubble” as far as being renewed (as it is now), and yet it somehow sneaks back onto the schedule. This makes it all the more exciting, as we have that sense of being a dedicated cult following. One day, there will be a Parenthood movie! Oh, wait…
  5. We want to be a part of their family, right down to Zeek and Camille being our parents. When they gather around one another at difficult times or when they break out the music and do a dance party, Braverman-style, we insert ourselves into the scenario … if only in our minds.
  6. We believe these characters, hook, line, and sinker and, even more than that, we know them. We can predict how each will react when faced with certain situations but, of course, there are some surprises. Everything they do seems authentic, right down to the food they eat and the wine they drink.
  7. They highlight important issues (like Aspergers, Autism, infidelity, breast cancer, etc.) without coming off like a PSA. The more you know.
  8. The good guys generally win. Although Breaking Bad was a mega-hit, it was likely hard for many viewers to see a once-good person like Walter White become such a monster. On Parenthood, there are no white knights, per se, but good generally wins over evil.
  9. They know that showing kids onscreen is – eh – how do we put this politely? TV poison! Okay, okay, so it’s not that bad but in general, we much prefer the scenes with the adults, and the powers that be behind Parenthood seem to understand that.
  10. Two words: free therapy. It’s hard to find time to seek counseling when you’ve got a family to run and/or a full time job. Hence, NBC gives us Parenthood. Crack a bottle of wine, kick the rest of your family out of the TV room, and carve out 60 minutes for a good cry. Voila! You’ve just had therapy.

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  1. sarcasmica says:

    LOVE this show, and even went so far as to hang two sad Target yard lights from a tree in the back to pitifully emulate the (white trash trailer park) version of “The Braverman Backyard Dinner Party”.

    {new to your blog and loving it, btw!}

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