10 Ways Being A Parent Is Like Being Jesse Pinkman

The hubs and I are nearly done with Breaking Bad (no spoilers, please!), and we’re positively giddy about finding out the fate of the major league dick Walter White. What an absolute sh-t show. Breaking Bad makes me excited, nauseous, dizzy, sweaty, happy, sad, mad, and like I might have diarrhea. So it’s basically a lot like parenting. The more I thought about it, the more I realized there are a lot of parallels, specifically with the best TV character ever created, Jesse Pinkman (B*TCH!).

It may sound like a stretch but below are the 10 Ways Being A Parent Is Like Being Jesse Pinkman:

1. You ‘re on the verge of a nervous breakdown, all day, every day.
Jesse Pinkman gif
2. At any given point in time, your house is being overtaken by people who have no care for the way it looks or your valuables.
3. You end nearly every sentence with a really loud word for emphasis and, yet, no one takes you seriously. Ever.
4. You might curse and moan and carry on a lawt but it’s really mostly to mask your fears, insecurities, and even love.
Jesse Pinkman gif
5. Your greatest asset is that those around you underestimate you, day in and day out.
6. Most of your learning has been “on the job” and, frankly, you’re not always the sharpest knife in the drawer.
Jesse Pinkman gif

It’s Math, yo.

7. You often think you’d be happiest in a simple RV in the middle of a remote desert. By yourself.
8. At any moment on any day ending in “day,” you’re getting absolutely screwed over by someone.
9. Every time you try to play peacemaker, it bites you in the ass.
Jesse Pinkman gif
10. You prefer that others do the cooking but, in the end, if you had a gun to your head, you could do it.
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  1. Betsy says:

    Best blog post!!!!!!! Love it! Sharing!!!!!!

  2. Ned says:

    Marn, well done. Jesse has re-created the word BITCH! I recognize the glass of water picture when/where Walter had invited Jesse to dinner and Skylar was not happy. I was nervous watching that scene. Later, Bitch. dad

  3. Aimee says:

    Never seen it because on my TV they charge we 1.99 per episode to watch. But love the post.

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