My Passive-Aggressive Comments to My Husband (And Their Translations)

funny ecard emptying the dishwasher

Ahhhh, marriage. It sure is an interesting institution filled with many ups and downs. You hear about the hard work it takes to keep it going but, as people are warning you about this, you’re scanning your registry, planning engagement parties, and doing emergency slimdowns for your wedding. You have no idea what they mean until you’re actually in the thick of it. It has many wonderful facets (you hear a but coming, don’t you?), but I have found out {Read More}

I Hate When My Son Shows His Weenie (Side)


It’s weird — when you become a mom, you know you’re not going to like everything your kid does and says. Kids can be little a-holes, as anyone who has ever been in line at Target when a mom decides to put her foot down on the blow pop ring knows. It’s hard, though, as you sort of want to be able to pull the strings and make them your little puppet. When you FaceTime Grandma and Grandpa, you hope {Read More}


My Sweetums

Yeah, boys have cooties, but they’re pretty cool, too. I’ve always been a bit of a guy’s girl. Growing up, I was the only girl on an all-boy baseball team. And through college and graduate school, I had tons of guys as buddies. I’ve always appreciated the no-nonsense phone calls with only the pertinent details (what time is the party and who’s bringing the beer?) and the way disputes get resolved on the spot. There are no lingering resentments and {Read More}

My Hopelessly Average Kid Birthday Party

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I’m starting to plan my son’s fifth birthday party, which should be fun, right? Then why do I feel like I’m about to have explosive diarrhea? Before I had kids, I remember thinking this would the best part. I mean, who doesn’t love to plan a party? Then again, I grew up in the age of McDonald’s birthday parties where, if you were lucky, Ronald McDonald would show up. You’d all eat their burgers and chicken nuggets without knowing about {Read More}

The Top 5 Worst TV Characters on Kid Shows

Mr. Noodle from Sesame Street

Confession: my kids watch TV, and probably (read: definitely) more than they should. I live by the “I grew up that way and I’m fine” rule (cue the cuckoo clock). That being said, I hear and watch way more of their annoying shows by proxy than I want or need to, and I’ve decided that there are a few characters I loathe…as in, if they were alive, I would kick them in their androgynous nether regions. Here are my most {Read More}