#FirstWorldProblems (Parenting Edition)

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I’ve mentioned this before but I have always been a ball of anxiety. Even when I was little, I agonized over every little thing. Adulthood is fraught with stress and, once you add kids to the mix, well — there goes the neighborhood. But I’ve begun to try and break down the things that I’ve been stressing over and, more and more, I’ve begun to realize how ridonkulous many of them are. In fact, if my issues were a Twitter {Read More}

Facebook Down. I Repeat, Facebook Down.

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  I think I’m having some sort of Facebook-induced nervous breakdown. Facebook Down. Facebreakdown. Any which way you look at it, the number one social media site is sending me into overdrive, causing me to spend many nights rocking back and forth like a rhesus monkey. Folks, it looks like I picked the wrong week to quit antidepressants. Every day, I seem to be reminded of the shit sandwich friends and complete strangers are being forced to eat and, although {Read More}

10 Things I Hate About My Kids

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You, with the stick up her ass — this is a tongue-in-cheek post so deal with it. We all LOVE our kids BUT (hence the name of this blog) the cold, hard truth of parenthood is that children are, quite often, really fucking annoying. Would we jump in front of a bus for them? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean they don’t make us crazy on a daily basis. I thought I’d share theĀ 10 Things I Hate About My Kids. Feel {Read More}

Seeing Beneath The Beautiful


I’ve already admitted that I occasionally tear up in Zumba class. I know, I know, I’m a complete freak. It’s something about really allowing myself to look like an absolute idiot — it’s surprisingly liberating. The other day, my PiYo instructor played a song that made me nearly bawl like a little baby. Seriously, instructors, what are you doing to me? I had to look it up after the class. It’s the song by Labrinth featuring Emili Sande called “See {Read More}