10 Things I Learned From Last Night’s “Bachelor In Paradise” Episode


Bachelor in Paradise could easily be called People With a Very Loose Grip On Reality Go Spelunking. Although I’m still as drawn to the show as Kim Kardashian is to ass selfies, I feel as though it needs to tread lightly here. As people start to couple up and stick to their commitments, the show risks becoming a little bit boring for us regular folk. Do we really need to see our own ho-hum lives played out on national TV? {Read More}

One Mom Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: My Summer Diary

gif_wine bottle

If you’ve been following my blog this summer, you know that my time at home with the boys has mostly sucked giant gorilla testicles. I was thinking about it, though, and it didn’t really start that way. I had a lot of hope, and then life happened. So I thought I’d share a little diary with you peeps on what has gone down at Hot Mess Headquarters. The summer started out as a juicy filet and ended up a giant {Read More}

Depression: The Autoimmune Disease Of the Mind

robin williams

I’ve seen so many great tributes to Robin Williams in the past 24 hours. I hope he knows how much he affected others in a positive way. That, despite his inner torment, the fact that he made people laugh was able to penetrate the immense sadness he must have felt and give him some sort of peace … even if only for a little while. In fact, peace is something those of us with depression rarely feel. I hate the {Read More}

10 Highlights From Last Night’s “Bachelor in Paradise” Premiere

Photo credit: Wetpaint Entertainment via Francisco Roman/ABC Television Group

The Bachelor in Paradise was as magical a train wreck as we all expected. Fake knockers, faux tans, and wife beaters led the way as folks coupled up faster than you could say, “STD”. One only has to hope that the salt water in Mexico kills sperm on contact. Otherwise, people will be getting knocked up by ocean proxy, and we do not need any little Chris Bukowskis running around. While the whole thing was positively captivating, I’ve shared 10 {Read More}