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She knew she was pushing her luck walking to her car alone after class. Her best friend—who usually walked with her—was home sick. She stuck to the well-lit parts of the street. It didn’t matter. She couldn’t believe it. After everything he’d said about women, minorities, the disabled, and grabbing women by their pussies, he was elected. She wasn’t wearing headphones, as that would have been too dangerous. Still, she somehow missed his steps behind her. Her first indication about {Read More}

10 Lice Moms We All Know

Meredith The Office

Our kids have been back in school for a month or so and, in school math, that’s about 30 days for parasites to throw a party in which they all raise a glass and chime in, “It’s on like mother-friggin’ Donkey Kong.” And once you get lice for the first time you know that there ain’t no party like a lice-throwin’ party. We all know that feeling of the lice letter in our hands and the subsequent and immediate itch {Read More}