A Modern-Day Lesson From St. Nick


It’s the holiday season, with lights all aglow

We can feel it in every person we know.


With our spirits up but our energy spent

We picked out a restaurant and off we went.


I couldn’t believe as we walked right on through,

St. Nicholas, himself, was seated there, too.


No fancy red suit or his famous reindeer

But we knew it was him, as he sat oh-so-near.


We whispered and pointed though we tried not to stare.

For he should eat dinner without the fanfare.


No Dasher, no Dancer, though we tried to take peeks.

Just his signature glasses and rosy, red cheeks.


With Christmas approaching as fast as a wink.

We all sat up straight while sipping our drinks.


I warned both my boys to behave and act nice.

When it comes to your gifts, he could always think twice.


At first they tried to be good and polite.

But they fought, cried, and burped by the end of the night.


I hemmed and I hawed and worried a bit.

What must he think of their poorly timed wit?


He wiped his sweet mouth and drank all his swill.

Just like anyone else, he paid his bill.


As he got up to leave, we took a breath in.

What must he think of these two little Cretans?


With a smile and a wave, he came to our table.

Surely this visit is fit for a fable.


I got worried and grinned and held out my hand,

To ask old St. Nick what he thought of our clan.


“Please pardon my boys,” I said with a doubt.

“They mean well but don’t often get out.”


He paused as he furrowed his big, bushy brow.

This was it, the big moment. Let’s be in the now.


“It wasn’t your boys who behaved a bit bad.

They’re just kids, after all. Just two little lads.”


“It was both you adults, who gave me some pause,

When it comes to good cheer, you’ve broken some laws.”


“With your cell phones and texting and busy to-do.

You barely looked up when they brought you your stew.”


“It’s a sign of the times, to not really savor.

The many good things that you have in your favor.”


“Look up and look out and take count of your blessings.

For life is so grand and has wonderful lessons.”


Off he went like a blur, in a flash, so it seemed.

Did that really happen or was it a dream?


One thing we knew is we felt a bit lighter.

And our lives would surely be quite a bit brighter.

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