A Somewhat WT Wine Review: Wild Horse Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

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Tru dat

Okay, so I guess it’s National Drink a Beer Day, but I much prefer me some vino. I’m not above beer, by any means, but it makes me burp (if you read my gassy post, you’re not surprised about this fact). I fancy myself a bit of a sommelier, but of the lower rent variety, as I tend to think that they all smell like a little bit of heaven and taste great with Cheetos.  I mean, what doesn’t?  Here and there, I’ll highlight a few of my faves for you, and the best part is they’re affordable. At the rate the hubs and I drink them, we have no other choice, as last I checked they don’t offer loans for excessive wine drinking (note to self: may want to double check with bank).

My first in the spotlight:

Wild Horse Cabernet

Some say a paradox, I say nay…

Wild Horses couldn’t drag me away from this Cabernet.  The pinot is uh-mah-zing too, but the Cab was on big time sale at the grocery store this week, so of course I bought two.  I’m nothing if not a bargain shopper (for those of you who can’t buy wine in the grocery store, my heart goes out to you). I also love their Merlot too, in case you’re keeping track — I know Sideways‘ Miles destroyed the reputation of Merlot, but I just say that leaves more for me. Suck it, Pig Vomit (sorry, you’ll only get this if you’re a Howard Stern fan).

The Templeton winery was started by some Cal Poly dudes who first started making wine in a plastic tub and stirred it with a baseball bat — my kind of peeps. It’s no wonder the back of the bottle we have on hand says “Enjoy with roast beef, rich cheeses and pizza.” And cheetos — they forgot the cheetos. Pizza and wine is a favorite combo of wine. Again, I know the “norm” is pizza ‘n’ beer, but see my former comment about gassiness. Wine is much better at allowing me to fully gorge. Thank you, wine. Thank you so much.

So with that, I’ll leave you with the fact that I love wine, so much so that I’ve created a little poem for you to head into the weekend:

Wine, wine, you’re so deelish

Taste so good with any dish

I love me white, I love me red

I’ll only stop when I am dead

Yes, yes I know, I could have a career in poetry. But do poets drink a lot of wine?

What are some of your faves?



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  1. Lori says:

    This is my kind of post!!! In the affordable range, I think Mark West Pinot is pretty good but my new fave in the $10-15 range (depending on how many you buy) is Dreaming Tree Crush (the Cab is good too) and I don’t only like it because Dave Matthews is part owner…but he is and it is yummmmmmm

  2. Rachel says:

    Oh yes, and just in time for Friday! My favorite topic: alcohol. For realz. Why I ever quit bartending to go to graduate school, I will never know. But I digress– I wanted to share with you my current fave cheap wine. It is delicious, and makes me sing 80s hair metal, but that could be a personal thing. It’s called the Ball Buster, (giggle) and is a blend– which is certainly a bit WT, but I have never hidden from my trailer park roots. (77 Shiraz/16 Cab/7 Merlot)

  3. Roy says:

    We love the poem. You really are extremely clever. We will try that wh in December.

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