About LoveBut Mom

Just a mom, living the dream here in the ‘burbs of San Diego. Duty has called, or rather “dootie,” and I’ve picked up the diaper and run with it. Having been the Copywriter and Blogger for Americanidol.com for nearly 3.5 years in Los Angeles, I had a wee bit of overconfidence that I would find a job here in San Diego just like that (I’m snapping my fingers, just so you know).  Alas, it wasn’t so. Perhaps I should have taken that offer to be Phyllis Diller’s personal assistant when I had the chance (true story), but I really only like changing kid diapers (and I really don’t even like doing that — who fucking does?). So I began the pride-swallowing and low-paying journey of a freelance writer, and have surprisingly enjoyed it more than I ever thought would be possible. It turned me on to the world of blogging as an outlet, and people who say (or, rather, type) exactly what’s on their minds. What a concept! So here I am, starting my own blog, which is a rather irreverent blend of Mommy Blog/Wine Reviews (but mostly white trash stuff)/TV Recaps on any show that has no educational value whatsoever. I hope you enjoy it and, if so, please feel free to give me a holla.  If you don’t, as the saying goes, lick it, stamp it, and mail it to someone who gives a shit.*

Do you remember when that guy started that “No Complaining Movement” or some such nonsense?  Like some bullshit thing where everyone was trying to go without complaining for 21 days and, if you made it, you got to wear one of those Livestrong type bracelets?  Yeah, well, I’ll try anything once, and it was right around Lent when I first heard about it, so I even dared to go for 40 days.  Wanna know how long I lasted?  About two hours, folks.  And even then, I thought my head was going to explode like a broken piñata, and everyone around me would be picking up a bunch of Tourettes-like complaints that had been building in there.  “Hey Asshole, in America, we turn right on a green arrow!”  “Hey kid, how about using some t.p. so we can cut down on the skidmarks?”  “Hey lady ordering the skinny half-caf no-foam latte – go eff yourself!”

So I say let it all out — no judgment. Some days you just need it.



*This is actually a complete lie, as I’m a completely neurotic writer who feeds off compliments like a starving piranha, and cries into my pillow for days when given any criticism. That said, go ahead and let me have it.