Alright, You Got Me, Facebook.

I’m nothing if not a pawn in the game of manipulation that is the Facebook movies just released. With a consistently ambivalent relationship towards the site along with a healthy amount of disdain for Mark Zuckerberg, who is so willy nilly about whether he shows my blog posts and refuses to boost them if I use the curse words (gasp!), I was ready to snicker and sneer at MY VIDEO. Who does HE think HE is to put together a montage of ME and MY FRIENDS? How will his algorithms pick anything worthwhile from my many years on FB?

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And then I played it, and weeped like the little boy who weeped while listening to “Say Something”. I’ll admit, I’ve been a little (read: a lot) emotional lately anyway. There are so many things floating around on the interwebs that make you feel all the feels, as the current saying goes. Plus, 2014 has decided to take a giant, Empire State Building-sized dump on my head with lots of little bad luck events. So I’ve been enjoying my pity party over here. Hey, look, there’s wine! When I get to feeling this way, it messes with my MOJO…or, more like, my GET-UP-AND-GO-JO.

Just when I was thinking the pity party was in full swing, Zuckerberg comes along and shows me that things haven’t been all bad. In fact, much like looking at the flipagram thingy around New Year’s, I was faced with the fact that, despite being down in the dumps as of late, things are coasting along as they should. To boot, I’ve surrounded myself with a cast of characters to fill my movie who are strictly A-list. It’s not my doing. I’m just lucky, I guess.

Now comes my second point. When you are down in the dumps, do you suffer in silence or reach out and let others know things are sucky for you at the moment? I ask because, not long ago, a friend of mine shared on Facebook that she was really in need of good thoughts, prayers, and generally positive juju, as she’d been dealt a really crappy hand not long ago. It took my breath away. What a brave soul! She’d asked for help! What a novel idea! Another friend texted me that she was thinking she needed a little boost on her happy pills. I was blown away by two good friends, reaching out, asking for the help they need. I wanted to learn from this.

As many of my friends saw on my personal FB page, I recently posted an article about Russell Brand doing the same recently. He was this close to going on a heroin binge — much like our much beloved and gone far too soon Phillip Seymour Hoffman — but he called a friend in London. He even admits in the article he almost hoped his friend wouldn’t answer. But he did, and that was all he needed to face another day.

I wonder if Regis Philbin understood just how powerful the “phone a friend” lifeline was when Who Wants To Be A Millionaire launched. Reg, think about it! Seriously, it could be a life saver. If someone needs help, give it, no matter what you are doing. If you need help, more importantly, ask for it. Don’t be afraid. BE BRAVE.

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  1. Allie says:

    Great post! When I feel troubled, I usually phone a friend. I have trouble putting it on FB, I don’t know why (both bad news and good news), I’m afraid, not brave. Yet I blog?! I think I feel safer blogging about troubles because people are coming there by choice, rather than scrolling down the news feed and eye rolling at my buzz kill post.

  2. Marnie says:

    I hear you! I find that I try to avoid those daily grind posts you see on FB but I have to say I was really moved when my friend put the shout-out that she needed some extra thoughts thrown her way. I don’t know that I have the guts to do that!

    I just liked your blog on FB … great stuff!

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