In Defense Of Christmas

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Alright, folks, you know from my Halloween post that I take holidays very seriously. Like as if it’s my job serious. And you know what? I’m damn good at my job. I excel at holidays. I don’t deny myself that extra piece of pie or extra scoop of garlic mashed or that after-after-after dinner drink because it’s a holiday, people! You have one job, and that’s to enjoy yourselves. Don’t screw it up by scrimping, griping, and being a general dick about it.

Speaking of being a dick, I’ve seen a lot of Christmas hate online this year. What gives, people? Is 2014 The Year of the Grinch? Sure, I’ve noticed it, too … the steadily earlier and earlier promotion of this wonderful holiday each year but why the venom about it? Hey, if you’re a huge Thanksgiving fan, that’s cool and all, but let’s not deny the blatant fact that Christmas trumps all, ok? All! Agreed? Okay, good. I mean, come on, people. There’s family. There’s friends! There’s awesome music. There’s a sh*t ton of amazing food. And there’s time off. What’s NOT to love? And, before people go getting their panties in a bunch, we definitely recognize and celebrate the reason for the season. Birthday high-five, Jesus!

Now I’m about to lay down some serious shiz about this, yo. We are in the midst of a world that all too often feels like it’s going to hell in a hand basket. People are gearing up for a riot in Missouri as we speak. School shootings barely even make us blink (case in point yet another one today at FSU). Kid cancer is sky high. We have ancient diseases coming back to haunt us (don’t get me started on this one).

Even if you shun the news, you’d be hard put to avoid this. You know why? Whether we like it or not, social media has connected all of us. With it comes amazingly awesome things, like seeing how your old friends have been doing, discovering awesome recipes, and finding out what three grandmas who try pot for the first time are like when they play Cards Against Humanity. Sadly, though, so much pain is revealed on a daily basis. Only this week, I found out what the horrible disease Krabbe does to a little person’s body. This morning, I read about a man who tied a dog to bag with a bowling ball in it and sunk him to the bottom of a river. Yesterday, I read about a father who committed suicide, leaving behind two boys and a wife. This shit is nothing if not depressing. If you don’t find it depressing, you’ve probably just become completely jaded and accepting of the crap that life deals some people. Either way, it’s not good.

So why don’t we cut Christmas a little slack, eh? If you’re like me, Christmas music conjures up images of holidays past that warm your heart. Just that little jingle of the reindeer bells that accompanies every holiday commercial elevates my mood. The smell of cinnamon and pine that hangs in the air at every store makes me positively giddy. Yesterday, I cried at the Folger’s commercial where the grandma shows her grandchild how she wakes everyone up while looking at childhood ornaments. And I wouldn’t serve Folger’s to a serial rapist on death row! This is good stuff, people. Sure, we run around and it’s a harried time of year that has become quite a bit about consumerism, but it also gives so many of us the warm fuzzies. We need that right now. Bring it, Christmas. Me and my ugly sweater are waiting for you.


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