Blog Envy

Oh, Green Eyed Monster, how I long to be these people (but not in a take their skin and wear it as a sweater way):

  • Moms Who Drink and Swear — the inspiration for my potty-mouth blog, as Nicole Knepper is so fucking funny you may die. Hey, it’s a risk.
  • Whiskey in My Sippy Cup — makes her writing sound like poetry without using flowery words.
  • The Bloggess — the blog to which all others aspire.  No shit.
  • Momastery — le sigh– this gal is so talented, it makes me green with envy.  If I didn’t learn so much from her, I’d hate her.  The Talk and Whack-a-Mole are must-reads.
  • People I Want to Punch in the Throat — my sister from another mister, I, too, often want to do this.  Or the genitals.
  • Lady Goo Goo Gaga — stumbled across this one day and nearly pissed my pants reading a post about 50 Shades.  In sum — ladies, clean your houses and put away those vibrators.
  • Girlilla Warfare — just an all-around great and thought-provoking read.
  • Rants from Mommyland — a mommy who takes on issues but also makes me snort in my coffee.
  • Badder Homes & Gardens — so raunchy, it’s NSFA — not safe for anywhere — but so worth a look.
  • Fashionably Bombed — okay, these girls have been on vacay for, like, ever, but I just love me the style of their blog.  And who doesn’t want to blog about cocktails and fashion?
  • SugarJonesBlog — a fellow San Diegan, this gal is so successful, I think she gets paid to pee.  Seriously.

Have any you think I need to see?  Ping me at