The Trump Non-Apology

On the night of the election, I said “Please let love win.” I was a bit embarrassed to put that out there, as I knew hardcore political people would scoff at it. I mean, this is an election, not a touchy-feely friendship contest. I’ve only recently gotten political, which I’m sure some Facebook friends find hard to believe based on my fervor. I hated Political Science and would simply memorize the answers to get a good grade – not to understand our government. My interest in how the process works is new, and now I’m consumed with how it has failed. And failed it has. And the truth is, love was at stake that night. It is at stake. And I feel like it’s slipping out of my grasp.

The thing is, like many people have noted, this was not a typical election. I can normally see some valid points made by the other side, and I can see why Republicans often call for more fiscal responsibility and less government. The way I saw it, though, this wasn’t about protecting our portfolios. This election was about saving civilization as we know it. Losing to Trump meant many, many people losing basic civil liberties and the right to be treated with human decency. The entire campaign felt like a horrible nightmare. The more hate he spewed, the more he picked up speed. Where are these horrible people in support of this evil man? If I’m admitting my own bias, I pictured them in some ass backwards honkey tonk towns out in the sticks. What I didn’t realize is many of them were sitting right beside me the whole time. When I’d go out with friends, I’d automatically assume everyone was as horrified at what he was saying as I was. But they weren’t, or their votes at least didn’t reflect it.

What happened is we lost to a man who many of us think shouldn’t be allowed to roam the streets without an ankle monitor. And very quickly we were told to shut up, hold in our feelings, stop being babies, get on board. CALM DOWN. Is there a better meme than the one that says, ‘Never in the history of calming down has anyone ever calmed down after being told to calm down.” So please just stop. We need time to process this, as for us, this is a tragedy of epic proportions. You don’t tell someone who just put down her dog to put on her big girl panties, do you? We want to get to a place in which this doesn’t seem like the end of the world but, right now, it does. And I (as I’m sure many do) fully believe in the power of working across the aisle. I wished for that for Obama so much more than he got, so I don’t think four more years of stymied legislation is necessarily a good thing either.

Then again, Trump has already shown us that he intends to make good on surround himself with the scariest of types. He’s chosen known racist Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist. As Charles Pierce tweeted, “Let us be clear. The hiring of Steve Bannon as a WH policy adviser is exactly the same thing as hiring David Duke. Please don’t normalize this.” The blatant assault on LGBT rights by Pence is already underfoot. And Trump has brought on Kris Kobach to be part of his transition team. As Jen Hayden of The Daily Kos described it, Kobach is “the architect of the most racist law in modern American history.” The article goes on to note, “Under this law any person of color, or anyone with a foreign accent, can be required to prove their status and be jailed—regardless of whether they are a citizen or an immigrant—until they can do so. The Supreme Court indicated that prolonged detention would be impermissible, but people’s rights will likely be violated before that limitation can be enforced.” Stop and frisk is tame compared to this blatantly racist law.

Yeah, so that whole, “He’ll surround himself with good people” has already gone out the window and it hasn’t even been a week. And don’t insult us and ask us to prove to you when he’s been racist. Puh-lease. I’ve honestly had this argument online a few times in the last couple of days. People, HE IS A RACIST BECAUSE HE HAS SAID RACIST THINGS. It’s as simple as that. And don’t tell us that the protestors are just as evil. I don’t think any of us advocates for the violence at all (I, for one, think they lost credibility once that started), but we do stand with the ones who openly declare, “NOT MY PRESIDENT.” He’s definitely not my President, that’s for sure. As I’ve said before, I’ll pay my taxes and I’ll avoid breaking the law but I won’t abide by his rule. Because he advocates for hate, and I advocate for love, and therein lies the difference.

The hardest part for me is that I’m a woman who has been subjected to varying levels of sexual harassment and violence. For me and for so many other women, he is a human trigger, and he is going to live in the White House (part time, of course, because he turns into a pumpkin if he doesn’t spend enough time in his gold plated tower)! How can this be? This is betrayal of the biggest kind, and it hurts us to the core.

I also want to say that I’ve read some super compelling articles on how Trump won and I have a bit more understanding as to how out of touch Hillary has felt to many people in Middle America. I get that now. But, as Michael Moore said before the vote actually went down, “Trump’s election is going to be the biggest ‘f— you’ ever recorded in human history. And it will feel good. For a day. Maybe a week. Possibly a month. And then? Like the Brits, who wanted to send a message, so they voted to leave Europe. Only to find out, that if you voted to leave Europe, you actually have to leave Europe. And now they regret it.” So you got your guy in. What now? How do we keep him from turning the country that has widely been known for its acceptance of others into a modern-day Nazi Germany?

Apparently on 60 Minutes, we finally got his denunciation of the violent and racist attacks in his name, but even that was just so Trumpian. He actually feigned shock at first (pull my other leg and it plays “Jingle Bells”, Mr. Trump), saying, “I am very surprised to hear that and I hate to hear that.” He added, “I’d say don’t do it, I think it’s horrible. I am so sorry to hear it and I say stop it. And I say right to the camera, stop it.” Dude, have you been hiding under a rock (or possibly Chris Christie)?

But didn’t we all jump for joy just a little bit, thinking we finally got what we wanted? He denounced the hate crimes! But, alas, he went where he always goes, shifting the blame.

“I think it’s horrible if that’s happening. I think it’s built up by the press because frankly they’ll take every single little incident that they can find in this country, which could have been around even if I weren’t around doing this, and they’ll make it into an event,” he said.

Sigh. And we get four more years of this guy? Lord help us all. I’ll close with a meme that I’ve seen shared very often these days, as I think it captures it perfectly:




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