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The next day, I found out that $500 had been deposited into my account. These options include financing with recent changes in financial aid laws. Cash loans on direct express cards get as much as in just overnight. We have a 2 year old daughter and my husband has to have his left hip replaced in January so we cant keep affording this. That is against all federal and banking laws. We paid our loan and told direct express card loans them we were done. They would take a little here and there and starts taking a lot more. I finally had to close my account and get a new account issued.

Whoever this company is, they cant be good. makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information herein provided and assumes no liability for any damages or loss arising from the use thereof.

  • Anyone would have trusted it, because of that fact.
  • People like that should not be allowed to deal with the public. I am willing to take this as far as needed. They refused to talk to me and my name is also on the checking account.
  • Their $106 times $5 plus $437 goes way beyond that one.
  • They keep asking for more documentation which doesnt exist. I screamed at the woman that if anyone owes anyone anything its them owing me.

They would not tell me; I am sure it has been paid since they have been taking money out of my account under a different name. My total according to them is now over $1,100 for a $400 loan. However, they apparently have the permission to charge me over 275% interest. Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me with any questions. The job skills training program jstp has been designed to support the. My husband wants to close our bank account because thats the only thing we can think of to keep ourselves afloat.

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Direct Express is the actual company that is pre-loading these cards and keeping people under the impression that their money is in the bank. I feel so stupid for stepping into such an obvious scam and now I have no idea what's going to happen next. I've called my state and federal rep and senators and nothing so far has been done.

He literally stole it when I wasn't looking. As of this date, this place has taken over $900 from our checking account. A bank that is listed on a card as being the bank of choice from social security is supposed to abide by banking laws, and they are not abiding by any federal banking laws at all.

However, I had gotten ripped off by a company and by a person that was a so called friend. I had never authorized him to ever use my card. I also tried to explain to Ryan that it takes time for an investigation to be done and that I'm not the only case given to the technical squad and not a priority for them. We asked our bank if they could stop payments but the bank said that the company takes a different amount every time so the bank can't stop the payments since it's not the same amount every time. GECC is what shows up on my bank statement.

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I was bedridden and couldn't get to the bank to get direct deposit. That made the total $530 that they took out of my account. They claim they told me or I read very fine print that if they do not receive a call from me within 3 days prior to my due date, they would not have permission to take out the whole amount all at once. They never pulled out the correct amount and I am now being charged with a $37 late fee on top of the full payment plus an additional $106 for my interest. Every fraud report that I have filled out so far, they have all come up with being denied. When I saw how much they were going to charge, I decided not to get one.

When I finally realized that this company was a rip off is when I called Comerica bank. At the end of my application I was asked to call the 800 number which I did and spoke to a representative. Now, that is against all banking laws and that is a Federal Offense. Hi, I am disabled and on social security. After receiving $750 on her Direct Express MasterCard debit card for the month of December, Direct Express canceled her card 3 days after she died with that money still on it.

This is extortion at its fullest and I am now contacting an attorney because they violated their fine print agreement. Sep ex im bank s guarantees help you secure financing guaranteed info competitive financing for your please. Then came through with a different name and different amounts, and now we have to close our account so they can't take the payments out. I called my lawyer to find that the scare tactics they put on me was illegal first of all and second, they never followed through with an investigation.

Back in 2008, I was told a loan was taken out with my social security number at my current address. I went to the bank to check my account and I had noticed most of money was gone. The direct express card surcharge free atm network offers. They have taking money out of my bank account for about one year or more. They charged my bank account a fee for clip and save coupons that I didn't agree to, then proceeded to tell me it was in the terms and conditions of applying online for information about payday loans.

I tried to ask them if I can pay it out, and they were rude and did not want to work with me. First of all, they misled me by making me think that my money was in the bank, and it wasn't. Yet there is no contract or terms and conditions produced to show me that I confirmed the payday loan.

I called them up to see why they took it out since I paid the $400 that they claimed I agreed to. It was $106 every two weeks for interest charges. I took out a $400 (that was the most they would allow) and set everything up to be automatically withdrawn every pay day.

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I advised the very kind and professional young woman who called that my impersonal information was part of the state of Ohio and Federal data bases that were stolen and all this has to be reported in order to resolve theft via internet. I am glad I live in the great state of Texas where anything over $500 gets to go to small claims court. Not only did it cost me $19.95, it looks like I will have to pay an NSF fee too. I then gave them my information and got a debit card with my account.

They prey on a weak economy and people needing a few extra dollars to get by so they can make 150% back on their loans plus. Everyone is not trying to get over, but what made the whole situation worst, direct express card loans Ryan's supervisor, hung up on me while I was yet talking to her. Find acv wholesale warehouse used cars san diego in san diego with. Europcar japan car rental offers you low prices, great service and new vehicles.

They then took the information, and by the way, I had also reported this to the police because the person was actually seen by myself, another witness who was with me and also the owner of the store. Payday advance on my direct express card obtain pay day ok. This has cost us at least $900 as of right now and more if we can't stop their taking payments.

This case presents the question whether withdraw from ira for business during chapter 13 a chapter debtor must include in his. Weeks later, money was taken out of my account and when I checked on it, that's when I found out. Starting on June 13,2008 $106 was deducted from my checking account and every other week until Aug 8 the same withdrawl.

And I had never, nor had anyone else had my card, so I knew it was fraudulent. Banking laws are there for a reason and that is to hold your money, not just make a piece of plastic and the money is really loaded up in your card, without anyone's knowledge. I was out of my mind with anger because the bank ended up telling me that they made the cards.

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I have to go to my bank, police department and the local news stations to lodge a complaint against the company and tell them that I owe $1036 for a $400 payday loan. But, because the bank is listed on the top of the card, is fraud through and through. The understanding my husband had was that they would take $104 once a month but instead it ended up being $104 twice a month. Finally, they told me the balance is $506 on $400 payday loan. I filed a police report and gave this to Direct Express, and never got a dime back, which was when all counted almost a thousand dollars, over several months, that I hadn't realized because he had rented a room where I live that someone else owns the house. I applied for a $500 loan and was under the impression that I only had to pay $632.50 total for this loan.

Now, remember they put $400 in my bank account. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, direct express card loans she was even worse. He refused it and told me he was going direct express card loans to put me down as refusal to pay. That is not right and is downright illegal for a bank to be listed on a card and not even holding your money and social security had no idea that this was being taken place. I have no idea how much I originally borrowed.

Then it started being two payments, one for $95.40 and one for $40 every two weeks. I was never given the opportunity to agree to the loan once I found out what the fees were. I gave the information asked for and was told that someone would contact me to finish processing my loan no one contacted me and the next day there was $400 in my checking account. I know that I would have direct express card loans never agreed to that. He refused to listen and continued to be nasty and condescending.

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We have put a stop-payment on these people at the bank but now that they have our information, how can we be sure that they won't continue to withdraw money under another name as I have heard has happened to other people. He also told me he was going to fax all my information to my work and start Collections. I understand [the] company has a job to do, I also understand that they have a hard time collecting, but to treat everyone with a negative, nasty, attempting to threaten, speaking with a condescending attitude and not listening to what is being said that just might help them and I resolve the problem is not professional and totally rude. Where can you find a payday loan with only your direct express debit card that. All she had was the $750 on the debit card. But when they had called to verify everything, I told them I didn't want it.

They just kept on taking interest out time after time. I have been harassed at my place of employment concerning a cash advance I am supposed to have taken out. They still think that it is a bank and it isn't.

Nobody would tell of admit to me, what was really going on with this company. I also checked with my bank and offered to send them a statement but was told that was not necessary showing no loan was ever processed in [my] name. President Bush or the Treasury department gave them the bid in 1995 for social security recipients to have direct deposit, in their so called bank. Well, they've taken out a total of $662.50 and when I called and asked them about it, they said I've only been paying $50 for the $500 loan and the rest is interest. And the more I called, the more I was actually being hung up on.

Click here to setup access to toyota finance online. Why would one even question that, if they heard it right from social security. I applied for a $300 payday loan a few weeks ago.